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Online directories are usually free for anyone to use for any purpose, either business or personal. The articles on this site tell you an overview of how online directories can make your life easier versus using telephone directory assistance or a paper phone directory.

For example, if you want to find an old friend’s e-mail, you may want to read the article on this site that covers the purpose of e-mail directories. Furthermore, if you want to contact other members of the Yahoo community you can read the article that gives an overview of how to contact Yahoo members using the Yahoo directory.

Other directories of use to you on the Internet include telephone and reverse telephone directories, church directories, business consultant directories and more. Furthermore, those who prefer the convenience of shopping online can find online shopping directories in which they can browse and search for favorite items.

If you are a traveler you will also make great use of the information on this site. Business people, travel writers, and tourists all can read the WI-FI directory article and this will help them find wireless internet connections they can use for absolutely FREE when they travel.

The usefulness of the information available on this site does not stop there. If you are a parent looking for another kid’s parent’s phone number, or a dog lover looking for information about directories covering topics of breeds of dogs, there are informative overview articles for you to view as well.

You could also be a writer who wants to improve your editing skills. If so, you can become a volunteer editor within the Google community. The helpful article regarding becoming an editor within the Google community would be of interest to someone like you.

Of course, if you are a shopper you can also make use of the Google directory as well. The Google directory article can tell you all that you can find in a Google directory as well. Google has one of the most extensive shopping site listings of all the major free directories that are out there.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of these free helpful articles present on this site. Furthermore, be assured that these articles do NOT represent any specific product or service. Instead they are simply meant to be free informative and educational articles free for anyone to use who wants to learn more about how the Internet can be of use to them.

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